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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

3 more days!

Til we head north to the San Juans and Gulf Islands.... busy provisioning for the trip!  How much food to buy?? Sunscreen... bug spray... first aid kit... crab pot... camera....

More to come!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

6 Days 'til Bon Voyage

Cheers to my inagural blog post and to our first family boating trip to the San Juan and Gulf Islands on Cast Away.  Cast Away is a Wellcraft 330 Coastal which Brandon located in Naplesh, Florida back in March.  Brandon and his dad, Bob, traveled the almost 2,700 miles to look at the boat.  It was so exciting when Brandon texted photos to me and declared, "She's perfect!"  We had been looking for just the right boat for about a year.  We knew we wanted a Wellcraft Coastal and we looked at a lot of overpriced, poor conditioned vessels.  So, we made the decision to proceed with an offer and contracted with a long haul trucker to bring the boat across the county.

We will be leaving next Saturday for a week long trip up North through the beautiful San Juan and Gulf Islands.  I will try to post daily with photos of our adventure which is sure to include beautiful wildlife, vistas and good times.