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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Brandon Catches a Chinook!

We've been rafted up to our dock three boats deep since about Monday, July 1st.  Fortunately we have our dinghy to ferry us to and from Roche Harbor where we can find provisions for the boat, enjoy a cocktail on the deck overlooking the harbor or go for a swim at the hotel pool.  Brandon has also taken the dinghy out each morning around 6am or so, fishing for salmon. With herring for bait and no net, he's headed out in hopes of hooking a fish.

Each morning around 8:30 or 9am I've heard our little 6HP motor as it approaches our moorage and would run out in hopes of seeing a big grin on my husband's face and a beautiful black and silver fish in hand.  Each morning has been a bust with his return empty handed... until this morning.  After 5 days of fishing for a couple of hours each morning, he finally hooked a beautiful Chinook on the backside of Henry Island.  His theory is that if you are persistent, the fish finally decide to sacrifice one for the effort.  Funny thing is, he almost lost his catch to a hungry seal swimming nearby.  As the salmon surfaced and rolled it created a splash that caught the opportunist seal's attention.  The big brown seal immediately dove and headed towards Brandon's salmon on the hook.  As I mentioned earlier, Brandon had no net to bring the fish in out of the water so he begins to panic as he knows it only a matter of seconds before the seal will have his teeth into the beautiful pink meat of his catch.  But being the ever so skilled fisherman that he is, he swoops his hand into the water and hauls the 10lb fish out of the water by his tail.

I guess it's fresh salmon for dinner tonight!  Bon Appetit!