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Sunday, April 6, 2014

The crew of Cast Away is reveling in the addition of their new custom mattress for their v-berth.  For the previous 3 years Brandon, Sue and Mason have endured the discomfort of hardened from age foam cushions guising as their bed.  This year, Brandon research and found a local mattress company that offers custom made boat mattresses - made to fit/order!  If you are in need of a custom made mattress for your boat or RV you should definitely call Nick at Slumber Ease in Marysville @ 360.659.8458.  The customer service was off the charts and the quality supreme.  They had our mattress ready in 1 week and it fit the v-berth perfectly.  Tonight is our inaugural sleep on the new mattress and we are looking forward to a sweet night's rest trying it out in our slip at Elliott Bay Marina.

The cruising season is just around the corner.  As Mason and Brandon play checkers sitting next to me at the dinette, I am researching and planning our summer cruising.  We are looking forward to a 10 day cruise in August exploring the San Juan's - specifically Sucia Island and the surrounding archipelago.  Our days will be filled with island hopping, hiking, fishing and hopefully braving the cold waters of the Salish Sea for a dive off Cast Away.  At night, we can revel in the stars above and sleep peacefully as the Salish Sea rocks us gently to sleep.

Before we embark for Sucia, we have a couple of other trips planned - our annual MYC Memorial Day cruise and July 4th @ Henry Island.  We will also be celebrating crew member, Izzy's graduation from UW on July 14th at the SYC outstation at Elliott Bay Marina - We couldn't be prouder of her!

We are hoping that both Izzy and maybe even the elusive Zoe will join us at some point this summer aboard Cast Away.  Both have embarked on their own journeys into adulthood.   I love them so much and while it is sad for me to not have them with me every moment, it is exciting to see what they will do and accomplish on their own!

Mason is now 9 - almost 10.... he has a love for the outdoors and is a burgeoning fisherman... Captian - otherwise known as dad - bought the little fisherman 2 fishing rods for the upcoming fishing season.  I have decided that I better embrace fishing or be left behind and dry docked.

I spent many summer days fishing with my dad and brothers on the warm freshwaters of East Texas and Louisiana.  I can remember sitting on the boat at dusk, warm, happy and tired from a full day on the water in the hot East Texas Sun - usually fishless (to my fathers chagrin)  but happy to have spent the day in my father's shadow and knowing that he was happy and at peace. 

One trip in particular had our motor on our little fishing boat crapping out just around sundown and with no tools on board we found ourselves stranded to far from shore on Toledo Bend reservoir.  We were stranded for hours and I was beginning to think we might end up sleeping aboard the little 18 foot open hull boat.  I was probably 8 or so.  My dad was totally calm and relaxed.  He sat at the little helm drinking Budweiser and pointing out the constellations in the night sky - and if you have ever been to rural East Texas or Louisiana, you will know when I say the sky is littered with stars, that I am not exaggerating.  Eventually another fishing boat crossed our path and ended up towing us in.  I honestly was almost disappointed that we were rescued - well at least until we reached our campsite.  As I jumped ashore, my momma rushed up and wrapped me and my little brother in her arms with tears on her face... she was so worried that the worst had happened.  I loved my momma so much in that moment and felt safe and warm to be back on dry land.  Secretly however, I always wanted to run off with my Dad - whether it be fishing or deer hunting.  It always felt so free and magical.

My first trip to the San Juan's aboard Cast Away conjured up those early feelings of being completely happy and at peace.  I love the magic of the Salish Sea and all the beauty it holds.  I look forward to journaling what we discover this summer.